Female Adapter

Part NumberTube SizeThread SizeBag QtyBox Qty
TFAB1507M15mm1/2" BSP10430
TFAB1509M15mm3/4" BSP10400
TFAB2209M22mm3/4" BSP5250
TFAB2811M28mm1" BSP3110

Instructions for use:

  1. Push pipe insert into squarely cut tube and remove all burrs.
  2. Ensure cap screw is in the open position, the coloured ring will be visible.
  3. Push the fitting onto the end of the tubing until it reaches the tube stop.
  4. Twist the screw cap until the coloured ring is no longer visible.
ApplicationOperating TemperatureMaximum TemperatureMaximum Working Pressure
Cold Water20 C20 C12 bar
Hot Water65 C95 C6 bar
Central Heating82 C105 C3 bar

For full technical and installation information please download the Installation Guide

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